Spare Parts - For Sale | SPC Food


Not only can we supply quality used food processing machinery, but we can also back this up with an extensive range of spare parts.  The spare parts we provide are excellent quality and much cheaper than the cost of the main manufacturers.  We can supply spare parts for Koppens, Baader, Formax, Trio, Urschel and more.  Whetehr it be mechanical parts or wear and tear items such as blades and bandsaws we can provide you with these items.

Furthermore our local specialist engineering company can manufacturer almost any part of any machine whether it is metal or plastic.  For example we can supply die sets to forming machines at a fraction of the cost of new.  We are also currently supplying one company in Europe with full back up and spares on a Norfo Fish Finger Line.  So whatever you require please contact us and see what we can do!


One of the most frequent items to need replacement on a machine can be the "wear and tear" parts such as blades.  These are often needed on a regular basis and at the most affordable price.  Not only can we supply blades at an affordable price (sometimes upto 50% cheaper) they are of an excellent quality.  We are currently supplying Bandsaw blades, Trio FDS 2N and 104 skinning blades, Baader blades into our customers.  With our expert supplier we can manufacturer any blade you require to your specification.  This is an ever growing part of our business with repeat customers and our reputation for great quality and low price spreading.  Please try us and you will not be disappointed!