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“You can’t beat good advice”.

You've probably heard that many times, and that's probably because it's right. Good sound advice can often be the difference that ensures a project runs smoothly and is delivered on time.

SPC prides itself on being able to provide this advice, we have over 55 years of experience within the food industry and we've seen projects that worked well and those that didn't quite hit the mark. This insight can often be invaluable when planning a new project. Our consultants can provide advice on single purchases or an entire factory, whether it's an ad-hoc 1/2 day or a year long project, in the UK or anywhere in the world, we can help.

With offices and warehouses located in Grimsby we can draw on a fast wealth of specialist services including skills from engineering, electrical, fabrication and refrigeration services.  We can provide machines from "as is" condition to fully rebuilt food processing machinery with installation services,support and back up.  

So if you think a bit of good advice would be useful, or have a project in mind, call us for an informal chat or use the form below.