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Selling Your Machine

If you have surplus machinery you wish to dispose of from a single item to a whole factory please get in touch and let us know what you have.  Not only do we sell, but we also buy used machinery.  Alternatively if you can provide us with pictures and full details of the machinery you wish to sell we can advertise your machines on our website for free and sell the machines on your behalf achieving the best possible return for your surplus equipment.

How Do We Sell Your Machine?

Our website optimisation team work constantly to provide the machines we list with top rankings on search engines.  By using SPC to sell your surplus machinery you will be using a unique advertising platform reaching thousands of potential clients looking to buy used food processing machinery!

We also send out a monthly stock list which contains our latest used machinery.  We send this out once a month to our client database which now exceeds 18,000 contacts!

We currently have customers looking to buy the following items:

  • Trio FDS 35i Skinner
  • Formax F26
  • Carnitech 2611 Filleting Machine
  • Carnitech 2612 Twin Lane Pinbone Remover
  • Baader 444
  • Baader 190 
  • Electric Fryer with a max height of 2.2m
  • Linear weigher with conveyor attached
  • Marel Compact Grader
  • Stephan UM44 Vertical Cutter Mixer
  • Baader 176 Filleting Machine
  • Multivac C500 Twin Chamber Vacuum Packer
  • Formax F400
  • SC180 Salmon Slicer
  • 200ltr tote bins

(Last updated 19/12/16).